Friday, 2 March 2007

Cribs:Star Trek style

I'm Fogg. One quarter of the ReviewTube team and I’ve been assigned 'TV/Film'. So my first post will obviously be about a show I’ve never seen.... obviously.

Anyone under the age of twenty, a student and/or unemployed will probably know about MTVs Cribs. The show in which rich, obnoxious celebrities show off their mansions and fifty cars. And anyone over the age of 50 is, or once was a 'Trekkie'. So what is a better way to close the gap between young and old? Star Trek Cribs...with puppets.

To really find it funny you would probably have to know of Star Trek beforehand, but if you are a ST fan you'll probably chuckle about it just because of the pure silliness of the whole thing. If you're a student…well, students laugh at anything so you’ll find it funny anyway, and really, talking puppets using gansta’ slang? What’s there not to like?!

The oddest thing is that there are many, many more videos like this on YouTube. Just let video end and check out the other clips. 'Star Trek 2.0 Karaoke' is worth a watch. People have
way too much time on their hands. They’re probably students.

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