Friday, 9 March 2007

Real Life Mario

A little gem I found whilst randomly browsing YouTube, as you tend to do when there's nothing else going on.. even at uni. Mario lovers or even those who have just simply heard his name will enjoy this I'm sure, but there are always the people who 'don't do comedy...'

It's always pleasing that people are big enough fans (losers is fair perhaps?) that they would do things that others probably won't, just for our enjoyment and I have to admit I almost shed a tear at some of the jokes in the video. However maybe that's just my inner child.

There seem to be quite a few spin offs of this video and I have to say I haven't checked them out as they aren't likely to beat the original.. But I've kindly included the link in case you have too much spare time on your hands.

Watch me show off.....LOST style

Here's a video of some very talented artist showing off drawing John Locke from LOST on photoshop CS2. Granted his talents are amazing, but there seems to be something quite pretentious about posting a video of you drawing a picture. It would be like Picasso posting a video of him painting The Old Guitarist or something to that effect (Although, thinking about it, that would be a sight to see).

It would appear thought, that looking at some of the comments and the spoof videos that are made, many agree with me.

This video is a humourous spoof of the orginal, poking fun at the whole thing.

...hmm, maybe not as good, but 10 points for effort.

AFI Misheard Compilation

For my last post of the week I’ve actually chosen a video made by a good friend of mine. The phenomenon of misheard lyrics videos has become huge since the explosion of You Tube. The video to start this craze was an Interpretation of Fallout boy’s ‘Sugar we’re going down’ made by a guy called Andrew Mathas. The video made Mathas famous and he is now employed by MTV to make similar interpretations.

This video is made by You Tuber Squarepegpookie. She has compiled a number of songs by the band AFI and made the video using Paint and Windows Movie maker to make compilations of pictures to what the lyrics of the song sound like.

This video is well made, and very funny. It takes a lot of listening to think up something like this. Highlights include “Waist high…monolithic… statues…evangelistic Moles… I am a furry vole”. The randomness of this is very funny. And finally I have to add that the music is great!

Oh Yes... It's a Beer Launching Fridge!

Here we have possibly one of the greatest inventions known to man. Take a standard fridge. Add a man with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering/Computer Science. Get him to install a few motors, wiring, controllers, triggers, and a whole lot more technical stuff I have no idea about. Add beer. What do you get? Well it's a beer launching fridge of course!

Lets take a moment to thank Mr John W. Cornwell. Take a look at his site and we see that the Beer Launcher is one of many weird and wacky contraptions, however it is of course by far the best. How someone has never thought of this before I do not know. With the influx of mini-fridges, a fridge in the living room for most students is now par for the course. And how often is it that your watching TV, a film, or playing the computer when you think, "I really need a drink, but I just can't get up and miss this bit." Well with this ladies and gentlemen, your troubles are over.

The fridge holds cans of beer (or whatever you like), in a 'magazine', which self loads the cans into a catapult system on top of the fridge. The catapult can then rotate so as to point in the desired direction, at which when commanded it flings the beer in the air, to it's required destination.

As you can see, the beer launcher is extremely successful, offering precision accuracy to the extent of launching the beer into the man's hand who is sitting on the sofa. However, one possible gripe is the sheer noise of the machine, and it would almost certainly be an annoying put-off whilst watching the TV, even with a crowded room of mates. Keeping on the crowded room theme, surely a misplaced launch towards an unaware friend could also result in some hefty blows to the head, despite offering a chilled, refreshing pain relief for when trying to recover.

Overall, as homemade gadgets go, the Beer Launching Fridge must be up there with some of the best. If you took time to look at the inventor's website, you would have also seen that he is considering manufacturing a few of these things to actually sell, such is the interest in his machine. At a hefty $1500, you better get saving now. Maybe if you and your mates all chip in, the investment would be well worth it. Even we at ReviewTube are cautiously thinking of putting in an order!

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Tube of the Day...Petrified Man Syndrome

Here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for... Tube Of The Day! It gives me great pleasure to share this with you all. This clip is a 1950's imitation of government educational propaganda.

The film is about the horrors of pre menstrual syndrome aka Prehistoric Monster Syndrome. We all know what PMS is right? Well the film depicts the perceived darker side of the mystery that is women.

Men fear this time every month, which is amplified by the exaggerated violence. The music, which accompanies the video, is the overplayed doom and gloom sort that you would see in the old black and whites.

The crazed female decapitates her beloved because her sensibilities were not suitably appeased. This short piece is well constructed and very popular at this point in time.

I can’t help but think that the male population will appreciate this heartily, and nod, groan and shake their heads in agreement of their united suffering at the hands of WOMAN

I did find this video entertaining, but had to ask whether the whole thing was a little to insensitive, well you know, it is that time… check your calendar!

My Chemical Romance: I Don't Love You

Today I’ve got a real treat. This is the video for My Chemical Romance's new single ‘I don’t love you’ released on You Tube today! This was the first time I’d seen the video myself so it was as much of a surprise as it will be to you that it is very different from the bands past videos.

This is the third video from MCR’s third album, and like the last two videos ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ and ‘Famous last words’ it continues it’s theme, with similar costume. The band themselves look very different, and strangely British. On my first viewing of this video I immediately thought of ‘Wonderwall’. The Graphics in this video are amazing. The two characters although played by humans, their features look almost alien. I also very much like the high contrast black and white style that has been used.

The song is good, if a little soft compared to MCR’s older music. But still, this video brand new and definitely one to watch.

Britney & Madonna...or is the French & Saunder

As a Buddhist the question I get asked a lot at Christmas is 'what do you do all day?', to which I shrug and say 'sit around watching TV and eating loads of' It's then that the blind realisation hits them that they do exactly the same. It would appear, whatever the religion, come Christmas day most families are sat on the sofa, stuffed full of food, blind drunk and watching the annual French & Saunders Christmas special....ahhh, religion. God bless, well, God.

I remember a few years ago watching this particular French and Saunders spoof and finding it utterly hilarious, so I dug it up for your viewing pleasure.

If your brain hasn't been warped by too much Cribs and Star Trek then you'll unfortunately remember the Britney and Madonna musical duet from 2003, but good things from bad situations in the form of Dawn Fench and Jenifer Saunders.

French is Britney and Saunders is Madonna....see, already this is hilarious, and the both re-enact the scene from the original music video, with their own wicked humour placed here and there. The most brilliant part of the clip is the lyric changes French and Saunders have made.
Such as Saunders "watch me I can mate the wall" and French's "Stop rubbing you ass all over his face." However, the reason why this spoof is so funny is not because of any lyric changes or disastrous dance routines but because of how ridiculous the original video is in the first place. It deserves to be made fun of.

A Laugh a Minute

Well tonight is the night, and you are in for a very special treat. Not one comedy slice, but two! I bet you are gripping the edge of your chair, giddy with anticipation.

Well, the first of tonight’s little premieres is a warm up, something that will have your laughing muscles working in no time.

The video is titled: ‘Dad at Comedy Barn’. Can you guess what it is about yet? The clip is set on a stage with barn props and what appears to be a farmer dressed in dungarees.

Supposedly the farmer is the comedian, but the show is completely hijacked by ‘Dad’ and his hokey, contagious laugh.

Once the laugh is out of the bag the show is over, each time I heard it, it made me giggle. You even find yourself waiting for the next ripple of mirth.

Very funny but should be shorter. The addition of the Bohemian rhapsody seems a little cheesey and although it aims to entertain the audience it is somewhat of a loose end after such easy merriment. This was a big hit amongst you tube visitors and the video was favourited 10801 times so clearly it is a barrel of laughs by popular consensus.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

The Long Blondes - Giddy Stratospheres

The Long Blondes are like Marmite. No, I don't mean they're brown, sticky and good on toast. I mean you'll love them or hate them. Personally I love them. This is the video to their recent single ‘Giddy Stratospheres’ and everything about this video fits the style of the band. It is visually stunning.

It is themed like a 70s disco. With mirror balls and strobe lighting. Everything glitters and although you find yourself enraptured by the pretty colours and sexy clothes and make-up, it does not distract you from the song in the slightest. The video just adds to the brilliance of this track and kind of gives it a face. Now when I hear this song on the radio, my mind goes to a 70’s disco and I find myself dancing in Topshop.

If you like the Long Blondes, then chances are you’ve already seen this video and love it. If you don’t like the band, or haven’t heard of them you might hate it. But if you don't, then I can guaruntee you'll love it. Like Marmite.

Hollow Easter

Well, here it is your latest comedy fix. Let us turn our minds to easter and the message behind it.

Easter is a time for gorging on eggs, watching fluffy bunnies carrying yellow chicks in baskets, whilst the big mother duck looks on and smiles.

In order to achieve a sense of balance in the presentation of comedy, I must obey the polls of You Tube and represent the wider comedy appetite. So, here for your own viewing pleasure… EDDIE IZZARD.

Eddie Izzard is hilarious in this short clip and expresses his idea of the true meaning of Easter. He explains that the chocolate egg represents the crucifix upon which Jesus died, for the sins of mankind.

This fully justifies the consumption of large quantities of chocolate and other such delicacies. He compares the story of Christ to present day Easter values in such a way, causing you to smile with a twinge of guilty recognition.

You cannot help but laugh at his witticisms, which he delivers in a kimono style pinafore and PVC trousers, topped off with full drag make-up. This short piece is funny but they are short one-liners, which will soon fade from the mind, and you will begin to wonder what it was that was so funny. However it should be said that his jokes convey a deeper message should you care to look. So for those who agree with the questionable habits of Easter you may enjoy this satirical depiction of another standard holiday.

Tiger shows us his 'ball control'

Golf. A bit of a funny sport really. It seems you spend more time casually moping around after the ball you've just smashed 200 yards away then you do actually swinging and hitting. Alas, the saviour that is Tiger Woods. Arguably the biggest world sports star since Michael Jordan, Tiger has bought to the game a sense of 'cool', which coupled with his huge sponsorship with Nike, has made him the face of the sport for the last decade.

In Forbes' last listing of Highest paid sports stars, Tiger Woods came out on top, with earnings of $87 million, at the age of just 30. When you compare that to David Beckham, probably our biggest sports player, his $32.5 million looks rather small. So what is all the fuss about?

This video is from a TV advert aired back in 1999. At the time it caused a lot of controversy, as it was advertising Nike, although Tiger's main club sponsor was Titleist. Cue huge lawsuits, days of negotiations and eventually an agreement which I guess made all three parties a whole lot happier and a whole lot richer.

However, what is of real importance here is the true skill on show. The World No 1 has won 12 Major Championships, has more wins on the PGA Tour than any other active golfer, and has been awarded the PGA Tour Player of the Year a record eight times. And although not showing his true golfing potential in this video, the samba-style skill on display is symbolic of Tiger and everything he is about - Pure Class.

The video itself is great, and I couldn't help but stare, jaw-dropped in amazement. The accompanying Caribbean music adds to the sense of enjoyment, as-if Tiger himself is just playing around. A true 'Nike advert', no doubt it easily did the job in pushing more people into buying Nike golf products. If not at least it encouraged golfers across the world to pick up their clubs in an effort to recreate Tiger's silky skills. Some didn't do too bad either. So if you like golf, give it a go, and maybe share your video attempts here on ReviewTube.

Tube of the Day - Dove campaign for real beauty

That time again folks. Oh yes - it's Tube of the Day! Rather than pick a video of my real interests (Sports, Gadgets and Games), I have decided to go off beat with this one and look at fashion, make-up, and a little PhotoShop for good measure (couldn't resist the gadgets).

The video is made by Dove as part of their campaign for real beauty. It shows the journey from minger to model (well, maybe that's a bit harsh) in a cleverly edited and super fast-forwarded clip. So take, an average looking woman, spend 5 hours in hair and make up, shoot a range of photos, which in turn are altered, refined and touched up to perfection via PhotoShop and voila... you have your billboard supermodel.

Dove asks; "
How did our idea of beauty become so distorted?" Well surely their constant bombardment of personal care products along with the million other similar companies offering self enhancing products has a part to play in this. This argument was voiced too by some of the comments left on YouTube, arguing Dove have "purchased the argument for embracing women for who they are, regardless of how they look, problem being that Dove is still pitching us a product to make ourselves look better." Well said that man, erm or woman!

Regardless, this video is still a real eye opener, and shows how much can really be done these days with the right know-how. In paradox to this, I found this little 'beauty', which is equally amazing, if not more humorous. Presumabley again, this video must have been made by Dove, yet it could be some form of copy-cat film. If Dove is really campaigning for 'real beauty', surely this should be the new routine for preparing their models for photo shoots. Slob evolution rules!