Thursday, 8 March 2007

Tube of the Day...Petrified Man Syndrome

Here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for... Tube Of The Day! It gives me great pleasure to share this with you all. This clip is a 1950's imitation of government educational propaganda.

The film is about the horrors of pre menstrual syndrome aka Prehistoric Monster Syndrome. We all know what PMS is right? Well the film depicts the perceived darker side of the mystery that is women.

Men fear this time every month, which is amplified by the exaggerated violence. The music, which accompanies the video, is the overplayed doom and gloom sort that you would see in the old black and whites.

The crazed female decapitates her beloved because her sensibilities were not suitably appeased. This short piece is well constructed and very popular at this point in time.

I can’t help but think that the male population will appreciate this heartily, and nod, groan and shake their heads in agreement of their united suffering at the hands of WOMAN

I did find this video entertaining, but had to ask whether the whole thing was a little to insensitive, well you know, it is that time… check your calendar!

My Chemical Romance: I Don't Love You

Today I’ve got a real treat. This is the video for My Chemical Romance's new single ‘I don’t love you’ released on You Tube today! This was the first time I’d seen the video myself so it was as much of a surprise as it will be to you that it is very different from the bands past videos.

This is the third video from MCR’s third album, and like the last two videos ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ and ‘Famous last words’ it continues it’s theme, with similar costume. The band themselves look very different, and strangely British. On my first viewing of this video I immediately thought of ‘Wonderwall’. The Graphics in this video are amazing. The two characters although played by humans, their features look almost alien. I also very much like the high contrast black and white style that has been used.

The song is good, if a little soft compared to MCR’s older music. But still, this video brand new and definitely one to watch.

Britney & Madonna...or is the French & Saunder

As a Buddhist the question I get asked a lot at Christmas is 'what do you do all day?', to which I shrug and say 'sit around watching TV and eating loads of' It's then that the blind realisation hits them that they do exactly the same. It would appear, whatever the religion, come Christmas day most families are sat on the sofa, stuffed full of food, blind drunk and watching the annual French & Saunders Christmas special....ahhh, religion. God bless, well, God.

I remember a few years ago watching this particular French and Saunders spoof and finding it utterly hilarious, so I dug it up for your viewing pleasure.

If your brain hasn't been warped by too much Cribs and Star Trek then you'll unfortunately remember the Britney and Madonna musical duet from 2003, but good things from bad situations in the form of Dawn Fench and Jenifer Saunders.

French is Britney and Saunders is Madonna....see, already this is hilarious, and the both re-enact the scene from the original music video, with their own wicked humour placed here and there. The most brilliant part of the clip is the lyric changes French and Saunders have made.
Such as Saunders "watch me I can mate the wall" and French's "Stop rubbing you ass all over his face." However, the reason why this spoof is so funny is not because of any lyric changes or disastrous dance routines but because of how ridiculous the original video is in the first place. It deserves to be made fun of.

A Laugh a Minute

Well tonight is the night, and you are in for a very special treat. Not one comedy slice, but two! I bet you are gripping the edge of your chair, giddy with anticipation.

Well, the first of tonight’s little premieres is a warm up, something that will have your laughing muscles working in no time.

The video is titled: ‘Dad at Comedy Barn’. Can you guess what it is about yet? The clip is set on a stage with barn props and what appears to be a farmer dressed in dungarees.

Supposedly the farmer is the comedian, but the show is completely hijacked by ‘Dad’ and his hokey, contagious laugh.

Once the laugh is out of the bag the show is over, each time I heard it, it made me giggle. You even find yourself waiting for the next ripple of mirth.

Very funny but should be shorter. The addition of the Bohemian rhapsody seems a little cheesey and although it aims to entertain the audience it is somewhat of a loose end after such easy merriment. This was a big hit amongst you tube visitors and the video was favourited 10801 times so clearly it is a barrel of laughs by popular consensus.