Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Tube of the Day: TAI TV Double Duel

Today is my day to present you all with a ‘Tube of the Day’ and I’ve chosen you all a little treat. This video is just one of a series of short films, made by and starring the band The Academy Is…

Other videos include Butchers nightmare, and Panic! In Scotland. But this one has to be one off my all time favourites. I’ve seen it many times and it still cracks me up. It tells a story of revenge, as our lead character played by The Academy is… front man William Beckett, discovers who stole money from his Grandmother. Several meetings follow, in which Beckett enjoys rubbing a toy gun over his face and sauntering about in extremely tight white jeans. The story comes to a head when the thief challenges Beckett to a double duel. This is where it gets good. But you’ll have to watch it to find out what happens.

The camera work, editing and continuity leaves little to be desired, but hey, what homemade You Tube video doesn’t? But it is funny. You don’t even have to know the band to get this. It is just pure brilliance.

Diving - Your never to old!

Meet Pearl Heenan, an 81 year old female from Brisbane Australia. I guess you could say she's just your regular OAP. Old, wrinkly and probably smells of a slight stench of urine. Oh yeah, and she dives! No not dies (well she will eventually) - DIVES.

Yes that's right. Feast your eyes on some of the most amusing, yet somewhat 'elegant' dives you will ever see grace a swimming pool. Surely, one of the most ignored sports on the planet now has an icon, a hero with which it can begin to promote the sport to young and old alike.

The video itself is cut from the Sky Sports show 'Soccer AM', who should take full credit for unearthing Pearl's amazing talent. Belly flops, back flips, side turns, Pearl really has it all. The video shows her graceful physique, body hugging swimsuit and all, from a variety of shots and angles that really do give full credit to the craft and technique Pearl possesses when it comes to the board.

Watch it, admire it, and then pop down to the local pool and try emulate this marvellous feat.

Scofield. Michael Scofield

I realised that I haven't yet posted a 'Tube' about film (the week is still young though dear bloggers) so I thought I would meet you sort of half way. How's a video featuring the delectable Wentworth Miller edited together with clips from the recent James Bond: Casino Royale movie sound?

Prison Break's rather aesthetic hero, Michael Scofield, has collided fandoms with with James Bond's also rather aesthetic hero...well, James Bond.

The video itself is amazing. It's cut and pasted to dizzying speed with each clip synchronised with the pumped up Bond theme tune. However as a result, at just over four minutes, it does feel a little too long, though the ending is pure brilliant.

But, and I think most females (and honestly, most males) would agree with me here, the best part of the video is being able to glimpse what it would be like if Miller were Bond. I love the idea! Lets campaign for it. 'MILLER FOR PRESIDENT BOND 2008' .

The name's Fogg. Anna Fogg.

Hogwarts meets South Park

It is not easy to decide what is funny and what is not. Having looked at as many ‘funny’ videos as I could, I felt at odds with the collective sense of humour of you tube.

The videos, which had me in fits of laughter, seemed to have few ratings, whilst those, which I found the most boring, were flooded with comments and appreciation. How could this be? This made my task of finding the comic video of the day somewhat challenging. My nails are bitten to the quick! How to satisfy the comic taste buds of all you faithful Internet junkies?

Whilst trawling through You Tube’s randomized comic videos, I discovered this little beauty! Classic south park moments replace the script for Harry Potter. You cannot help but laugh at Cartmans tirade of expletives. It takes me back to a Friday night, the stolen half an hour in front of the box, basking in the glow of purely scandalous comedy.

This film deserves its place in the limelight and so I thought that I would be the one to resurrect it into your lives and hearts. Although the humour is crass, politically incorrect and classless I am sure you will view it with a certain reverent fondness. Alternatively, if you think I have made a gross error in my judgement please feel free to state your case.

Please - Leave it to the professionals

I continue to ask myself frequently why people do this to themselves. There isn't a single band you can't look up without find fans (usually girls)posting videos of themselves singing one of their songs.

Do they think it makes them look cool? Do they think they will get talent spotted? I haven't heard of a single pop sensation who has become famous this way. Although with the way the music industry works I'm sure it won't be long until it happens.

In this example we see a girl singing Fallout Boy's 'Sugar we're going down'. Listen love... you can't sing. Why are you making a fool out of yourself by broadcast this embarrassment all over You Tube? It's laughable that in the comments people are suggesting ways in which she could make her voice sound better. Can't they see how mortifying it is?

People like this drive me mad. But still, if you're in need of a good laugh, then watch this video.