Monday, 5 March 2007

Girl jumps through Basketball Hoop... no really!

Browsing through the latest sport videos from the weekend's action, I thought that I would steer away from the traditional football videos, despite some dramatic late winners for both Man Utd and Tottenham, and some amusing bloopers (oh dear Mr Fabregas). Instead, I plumped for a random video that although has no true 'sporting credentials', has a humorous WOW factor that is almost certain to generate both astonished admiration, and unconvinced speculation.

The video is called 'girl jumps through basketball hoop' and is pretty self explanatory. A team of four 'gymnast lads' (some would put it another way), gather all their inner strength to hurl a rather tiny yet extremely flexible girl 15 feet in the air, flipping her into a full 360 degree somersault, resulting in her landing feet first straight through the hoop. Swoosh! Two-points to team gymnasts.

I think this video is genius, and bar the small pain the girl seems to get in the back of her neck after the stunt, it seems nobody was hurt whilst performing this insane act, which is always a bonus. Cue students up and down the country gathering their friends at the nearest basketball court to recreate this superb Jackass-esque manoeuvre. In fact, try too hard to perform that all important dunk, and it may just 'nearly happen' accidentally.

However, as with all seemingly unbelievable videos online, some comments from the community express disbelief of the video, claiming 'fake'. Even in slow-motion, it still seems to me that she clearly flew through the hoop, with the sound and movement of the net being almost conclusive proof. So with ReviewTube giving it the thumbs up for authenticity, check it out for yourself. Be prepared to be amazed.

Tube Of The Day: Dammit Jack!

Of course, being the hardcore 24 fan that I am, I just had to have a 24 post. So whilst browsing YouTube I came across this little gem.

Some amazing-soul-dedicated-to-his-show/sad-loser-with-way-too-much-time (you decide) made a montage of clips from 4 seasons of 24. 'Of what?' I don't hear you asking since you've probably already viewed the clip. Of Jack Bauer saying 'dammit!' of course eager Blogger.

The two minute clip is comprised solely of Jack Bauer yelling the word 'dammit'. Apparently, from the intro it appears that the video maker was influenced by an apperance Kiefer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer himself made on a TV guest show.

30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill

I love this video, and I just have to take this opportunity to write about it. I’m not being biased when I say this is a fantastic video. I’m not a ‘30 Seconds to Mars’ fan girl, or a Jared Leto one come to that. But with this video it was love at first sight.

It may have something to do with its obvious use of the film ‘The Shining’ one of my favourite movies. The video goes very well with the track, almost telling the story. The characters of the movie have been replaced with the band. The way this video is shot is quite spectacular as well. The angles, the use of colour. Everything is breath taking.

The comments left on You Tube are mostly those from Jared Leto fans, and doesn’t give you much of an idea of what the videos about. Do give this band a chance; they are not just living off Leto’s movie star career. This is a brilliant song, and an amazing video.


This is a short fanvideo of the TV show Stargate:Atlantis. To be truthful i've never seen the show, but it does have a huge cult following on the internet. I was browsing Livejournal when I found the piece 'Ambushed' which led me to this video.

You may have to know about the characters, the plotlines and their situations to fully understand it, however from a creative viewpoint it's absolutly stunning. The Piano and strings over the vibrante, yet slightly washed out images create a sense of isolation and yearning.

It's been very cleverly edited together, using clips from SGA, but also from other films and shows, some clips also appear to be home made videos using a handheld camera.

I'm sure for fans of the show this is nothing short of a sparkling gem, not only because of the implied slash of the two shown characters but because of effort and talent of the video. If only all fanvideos were this good.