Friday, 2 March 2007

Carling Cup Brawl - You be the judge

The aftermath left from Sunday’s epic Carling Cup final between Arsenal and Chelsea is still being felt across the world of football. If you somehow have managed to completely miss the events of last weekend (where have you been), this tube provides you with the opportunity to see, and more importantly judge for yourself who exactly is in the wrong.

Despite Chelsea’s much needed success, and the horrific sight of Blues captain John Terry lying unconscious after being kicked to kingdom come, it will be the ugly scenes of the closing 22 man fracas (plus managers) that will stick thick in the memories of most.

So what do you think from the footage? Did Adebayor deliver that knockout blow to Frank Lampard? Or was he a victim of mistaken identity. The video is slightly inconclusive, but gives a good enough viewpoint on things. It shows Adebayor running in aggressively, but it seems as if he was just breaking things up. It didn’t help Adebayor that his reaction to his red card was so poor, and surely if he had left the field quietly, his appeal might have had a leg to stand on.

One thing for certain is that football doesn’t need these ugly scenes that are more akin to the World Wrestling Entertainment. However, we at ReviewTube have noticed that Wenger's Arsenal seem to be at the centre of controversial moments such as this all to often as of late. Sore losers? Surely not. Nonetheless check out this tube and cast you own opinion.

OKGO - Do What You Want

OKGO became known all over You Tube for their video to the song ‘Here it goes again’, which featured the band doing a dance routine on treadmills. This video was filmed all in one take and became a phenomenon in the world of music videos.

Now the band is back with their new single ‘Do what you want’ and the video is just as wacky as the last. This time round we see the band wrapped in wallpaper, blending in with the wallpapered room. Messing around on pogo sticks and playing instruments.

This Video is amazing, although by the end makes you feel a little dizzy. The only negative point I have to make about this video is that it completely distracts you from the song. Even so, it’s an original idea, and lives up to the bands reputation. It’s very well made, and looks a lot more professional than the amateur looking ‘Here it goes again’.

Definitely watch this video.

The BEST shave a man can get

For those of you searching for a more gratifying shaving experience, this is the video for you. A new gadget shaver with a difference, that takes the meaning of hedonism to new heights. If you like the 'rough and ready' look then this is a definite must see.
The guy attempts to shave whilst gyrating uncontrollably to his funky tunes, however it is a pretty close shave.

The Anton Sledgehammer company presented this fantastically funny clip on you tube. This is a company, which provides humorous advertising as well as a little light relief from your average forceful advertising. The advertising style is 'viral' meaning that the company supports it's sponsors by posting videos on you tube, google and itunes.

This particular episode in the jellette wars seems to have you all entertained, and so it would seem the job is done. A short burst of humour to fill in your surf time and leave you chuckling to yourself.

Cribs:Star Trek style

I'm Fogg. One quarter of the ReviewTube team and I’ve been assigned 'TV/Film'. So my first post will obviously be about a show I’ve never seen.... obviously.

Anyone under the age of twenty, a student and/or unemployed will probably know about MTVs Cribs. The show in which rich, obnoxious celebrities show off their mansions and fifty cars. And anyone over the age of 50 is, or once was a 'Trekkie'. So what is a better way to close the gap between young and old? Star Trek Cribs...with puppets.

To really find it funny you would probably have to know of Star Trek beforehand, but if you are a ST fan you'll probably chuckle about it just because of the pure silliness of the whole thing. If you're a student…well, students laugh at anything so you’ll find it funny anyway, and really, talking puppets using gansta’ slang? What’s there not to like?!

The oddest thing is that there are many, many more videos like this on YouTube. Just let video end and check out the other clips. 'Star Trek 2.0 Karaoke' is worth a watch. People have
way too much time on their hands. They’re probably students.