Friday, 9 March 2007

AFI Misheard Compilation

For my last post of the week I’ve actually chosen a video made by a good friend of mine. The phenomenon of misheard lyrics videos has become huge since the explosion of You Tube. The video to start this craze was an Interpretation of Fallout boy’s ‘Sugar we’re going down’ made by a guy called Andrew Mathas. The video made Mathas famous and he is now employed by MTV to make similar interpretations.

This video is made by You Tuber Squarepegpookie. She has compiled a number of songs by the band AFI and made the video using Paint and Windows Movie maker to make compilations of pictures to what the lyrics of the song sound like.

This video is well made, and very funny. It takes a lot of listening to think up something like this. Highlights include “Waist high…monolithic… statues…evangelistic Moles… I am a furry vole”. The randomness of this is very funny. And finally I have to add that the music is great!

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