Friday, 9 March 2007

Oh Yes... It's a Beer Launching Fridge!

Here we have possibly one of the greatest inventions known to man. Take a standard fridge. Add a man with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering/Computer Science. Get him to install a few motors, wiring, controllers, triggers, and a whole lot more technical stuff I have no idea about. Add beer. What do you get? Well it's a beer launching fridge of course!

Lets take a moment to thank Mr John W. Cornwell. Take a look at his site and we see that the Beer Launcher is one of many weird and wacky contraptions, however it is of course by far the best. How someone has never thought of this before I do not know. With the influx of mini-fridges, a fridge in the living room for most students is now par for the course. And how often is it that your watching TV, a film, or playing the computer when you think, "I really need a drink, but I just can't get up and miss this bit." Well with this ladies and gentlemen, your troubles are over.

The fridge holds cans of beer (or whatever you like), in a 'magazine', which self loads the cans into a catapult system on top of the fridge. The catapult can then rotate so as to point in the desired direction, at which when commanded it flings the beer in the air, to it's required destination.

As you can see, the beer launcher is extremely successful, offering precision accuracy to the extent of launching the beer into the man's hand who is sitting on the sofa. However, one possible gripe is the sheer noise of the machine, and it would almost certainly be an annoying put-off whilst watching the TV, even with a crowded room of mates. Keeping on the crowded room theme, surely a misplaced launch towards an unaware friend could also result in some hefty blows to the head, despite offering a chilled, refreshing pain relief for when trying to recover.

Overall, as homemade gadgets go, the Beer Launching Fridge must be up there with some of the best. If you took time to look at the inventor's website, you would have also seen that he is considering manufacturing a few of these things to actually sell, such is the interest in his machine. At a hefty $1500, you better get saving now. Maybe if you and your mates all chip in, the investment would be well worth it. Even we at ReviewTube are cautiously thinking of putting in an order!

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