Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Hollow Easter

Well, here it is your latest comedy fix. Let us turn our minds to easter and the message behind it.

Easter is a time for gorging on eggs, watching fluffy bunnies carrying yellow chicks in baskets, whilst the big mother duck looks on and smiles.

In order to achieve a sense of balance in the presentation of comedy, I must obey the polls of You Tube and represent the wider comedy appetite. So, here for your own viewing pleasure… EDDIE IZZARD.

Eddie Izzard is hilarious in this short clip and expresses his idea of the true meaning of Easter. He explains that the chocolate egg represents the crucifix upon which Jesus died, for the sins of mankind.

This fully justifies the consumption of large quantities of chocolate and other such delicacies. He compares the story of Christ to present day Easter values in such a way, causing you to smile with a twinge of guilty recognition.

You cannot help but laugh at his witticisms, which he delivers in a kimono style pinafore and PVC trousers, topped off with full drag make-up. This short piece is funny but they are short one-liners, which will soon fade from the mind, and you will begin to wonder what it was that was so funny. However it should be said that his jokes convey a deeper message should you care to look. So for those who agree with the questionable habits of Easter you may enjoy this satirical depiction of another standard holiday.

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