Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Tube of the Day - Dove campaign for real beauty

That time again folks. Oh yes - it's Tube of the Day! Rather than pick a video of my real interests (Sports, Gadgets and Games), I have decided to go off beat with this one and look at fashion, make-up, and a little PhotoShop for good measure (couldn't resist the gadgets).

The video is made by Dove as part of their campaign for real beauty. It shows the journey from minger to model (well, maybe that's a bit harsh) in a cleverly edited and super fast-forwarded clip. So take, an average looking woman, spend 5 hours in hair and make up, shoot a range of photos, which in turn are altered, refined and touched up to perfection via PhotoShop and voila... you have your billboard supermodel.

Dove asks; "
How did our idea of beauty become so distorted?" Well surely their constant bombardment of personal care products along with the million other similar companies offering self enhancing products has a part to play in this. This argument was voiced too by some of the comments left on YouTube, arguing Dove have "purchased the argument for embracing women for who they are, regardless of how they look, problem being that Dove is still pitching us a product to make ourselves look better." Well said that man, erm or woman!

Regardless, this video is still a real eye opener, and shows how much can really be done these days with the right know-how. In paradox to this, I found this little 'beauty', which is equally amazing, if not more humorous. Presumabley again, this video must have been made by Dove, yet it could be some form of copy-cat film. If Dove is really campaigning for 'real beauty', surely this should be the new routine for preparing their models for photo shoots. Slob evolution rules!

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