Thursday, 8 March 2007

A Laugh a Minute

Well tonight is the night, and you are in for a very special treat. Not one comedy slice, but two! I bet you are gripping the edge of your chair, giddy with anticipation.

Well, the first of tonight’s little premieres is a warm up, something that will have your laughing muscles working in no time.

The video is titled: ‘Dad at Comedy Barn’. Can you guess what it is about yet? The clip is set on a stage with barn props and what appears to be a farmer dressed in dungarees.

Supposedly the farmer is the comedian, but the show is completely hijacked by ‘Dad’ and his hokey, contagious laugh.

Once the laugh is out of the bag the show is over, each time I heard it, it made me giggle. You even find yourself waiting for the next ripple of mirth.

Very funny but should be shorter. The addition of the Bohemian rhapsody seems a little cheesey and although it aims to entertain the audience it is somewhat of a loose end after such easy merriment. This was a big hit amongst you tube visitors and the video was favourited 10801 times so clearly it is a barrel of laughs by popular consensus.

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